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For every sale made we plant a tree

Shop small this Christmas.

It’s that time of year again, a time of celebration, of giving and a time to show those around us how much they mean to us. 2020 has brought about a world of change, and we think this change should carry through to how we shop this festive season. By trading in our usual consumptive habits for more meaningful shopping traditions, we really can turn ripples into waves for those who need the boost the most. 

‘Shop Small’ may seem like this year’s buzzword, but as a small business, representing small brands we couldn’t agree with it more. 

Here are our three reasons why shopping small this festive season can make a BIG impact.  

[1] Put your money where it matters. It’s been an especially hard year for small businesses. Government restrictions partnered with consumer confidence being at an all time low has made it even harder for small businesses to compete with the likes of Amazon.  Shopping small supports our independents who need it more than ever and who’s success has a direct impact on our local communities. 

[2] Buy gifts that you are proud of. Many small businesses are built around an ethos of sustainability and/or ethical production. Being aware of who, how and where our things are made is so important. Smaller scale production often ensures better quality and exclusivity. These are the supply chains we should all be supporting! 

[3] Better quality does not come at a greater cost. Many of these artisanal brands are on par with the cost of goods on the high street. Rather than getting something generic that can be bought anywhere, why not treat your nearest and dearest to one-of-a-kind gifts that come with a story and a personal touch. Not only does this carry greater sentiment, it’s also likely to be far longer lasting.

For us shopping small is all about celebrating the abundance of independent brands while still being mindful of our impact.  Let’s restore that ‘feel good’ feeling that Christmas is all about. 

To show our support for this initiative we are offering free shipping across the UK in the run up to Christmas. Use the code SHOPSMALL at check out to enjoy this offer while it lasts.


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