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For us sustainability is more than a buzzword. We partner with brands we love. Whom share our view on ethical production, and our commitment to reducing our impact. Almost all our brands manufacture exclusively in South Africa working closely with reputable CMT’s and suppliers.  We have fully bought into slowing down consumption, investing in fewer, high quality pieces with a unique edge, that will last far longer than just a season. 

We’ve also taken great care to make sure all our packaging is beautiful but stripped back, completely recyclable or biodegradable (bar our sticker, but we are working on that). We are fully aware that our business model of shipping goods from South Africa doesn’t come without a footprint.  We are mindful of the way we manage our orders, consolidating our shipments where possible. As our business grows, we want to find ways to completely offset our imports.

And to further our commitment to offsetting, for every sale made we will plant a tree. We are thrilled to be partnering with Just One Tree . A non-profit organisation focused on removing CO2 through global reforestation, kelp forest regeneration and grass-root education programmes.   

Like everyone, we are still learning about little ways to do our bit in contributing to a more conscious lifestyle. 

The fabulous Vivienne Westwood once said “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.” We couldn't agree more.