• Shop small this Christmas.

    For us shopping small is all about celebrating the abundance of independent brands while still being mindful of our impact.  Let’s restore that ‘feel good’ feeling that Christmas is all about. 
  • Seeing the light in Black Friday

    With Black Friday fast approaching, we have been weighing up how we wish to respond. Sojourn has only been live for a few months, and as a business with a strong focus on sustainability, our involvement needs to be considered. 
    The fabulous Vivienne Westwood once said “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”
  • We are Sojourn

    "How could we create a platform that bridges the gap between these exciting South African brands wanting to broaden their horizons, and this European audience with a deep appreciation for bespoke, sustainable (yet affordable) brands?"

  • In conversation with Stiebeuel

    “Execution of quality has always been my draw card in differentiating Stiebeuel from other brands”. From the detailed construction to the choice of cloth, everything  Stiebeuel creates is considered. Each collection is propped up by his core pieces, classic yet contemporary staples made with precision and always with sustainability in mind.
  • An Interview with Katy Valentine

    Katy Valentine Collections was born out of her love for India. 
    This interview explores how Katy built her beautiful business and and how she navigates growth, particularly during the challenging months of South Africa’s harsh lockdown.